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Posted by newt_slash on 2015.10.29 at 02:27
Due to the fact that I'm very rarely around lj anymore :-( I've decided to move this site onto tumblr...


I'll continue to post freebie links there etc and pretty much anything else 3d related that takes my fancy .

Please take a moment to check out the new site!



More jaw dropping Daz freebies

Posted by newt_slash on 2015.06.03 at 04:05
Here's another outstanding freebie from Daz...

The V4 hero bundle.... includes
Victoria 4.2 Pro Bundle
Victoria 4.2 Bodysuit
Victoria 4.2 Bodysuit Expansion Pack
V4 Hooded Cloak
TreadZ for V4


Get it soon, it won't be free for long!


Awesome M4 Freebies

Posted by newt_slash on 2015.05.21 at 19:54
Quick shoutout to any one who uses Daz Studio or Poser.......

Daz are currently giving away an amazing M4 freebie bundle.... It consists of

Michael 4 Pro Bundle
I Have no idea how long this lot will be free, but I wouldnt imagine it will be for long, so grab it while you can.



Yep, I'm still around :)

There are some fairly awesome freebies out at Daz at the moment, so I thought I'd do a quick flyby post to let you know

First off.... Victoria 6


Enchanted Isle


Summer of Freebies


Basic Wear for V4 (Unimesh)


Basic Wear for M4


Grab them quick 'cause I'm not sure how long they'll be there for !


Very cheap poserworld subscription :-)

Posted by newt_slash on 2012.10.09 at 09:15
Oi, long, long time no update :-(

I'm still around, but real life has been pretty much throwing me curve balls left right and centre!

However, the wonderful Poserworld is offering it's subscription for a month for the wonderful fee of $4.

All you have to do to get it is to make a donation of $4 to the site and you get a months worth of unlimited downloads... Cool huh ?

To check it out go to http://poserworld.com/Home.aspx

Have fun

Looking for morphs...

Posted by euel on 2012.02.06 at 02:06
Current Mood: sadsad
I'm looking for the old Klingon head morphs for V3 & M3.  They were out there, but I didn't download them when I should've.  Anyone know where I can find them, of can send them to me?


Older Bases no longer going to be free...

Posted by newt_slash on 2011.03.20 at 05:46
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
Another heads up guys,

As of 31 March The older Daz base models are no longer going to be free..... so if you have't already got yourself  V3, A3, the Girl 4, V2, Steph 3, Aiko 3 Then get them while you still can.

I've had a quick look and it would appear that the guys (M3 , Hiro, David) and the kids and teens  have already been taken down..... grrrrrrrr!


Daz Studio 4 Freeeeeee!

Posted by newt_slash on 2011.03.18 at 18:09
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Heads up guys....

The Beta version of DazStudio 4 is up and it's a freebie ( for now anyways ) so get it while it's still going :-D


Have all kinds of fun.....


Awesome hair freebie

Posted by newt_slash on 2011.03.06 at 03:53
I've just come across an amazing conforming hair freebie at RDNA.

It's a sea folk type style, but I'm thinking it could be used for lots of fantasy characters.
It has fits for Victoria 4.2, Aiko 4,
Michael 4, and Hiro 4.

Go check it out....


I'm putting together a mega freebie list, so keep checking back, it should be up soon ( I'd love to know what sort of freestuff  you guys are looking for :-) )



Mix Morphs freebie........

Posted by newt_slash on 2011.02.14 at 06:05
Just a quick heads up ....

Araneldon has posted a little freebie over at sharecg that allows you to mix the morphs on the gen4 figures ( M4, V4, K4, the freak, A4, H4 etc.... ).

So cool to have even more morphs to play around with, sepecialy Aiko4 and Vicky4 on Michael..... wheeeeeee!

Grab them www.sharecg.com/v/45885/browse/Poser/Mix-K4M4V4-morphs


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