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Your doorway to the world of 3D Art

Poser 3D Portal
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Poser, DAZ, 3d art, freebies, resources etc
For LJers with an interest in 3D art.

Feel free to post your Renders, WIP, tips, questions, requests, freebies (and freebie links) etc..... basically anything Poser related.

Just a few rules and guidelines.

Because some of the subject matter may contain adult images, this community is over 18's only.

For the sake of members on slow connections, please post any images larger than a thumbnail behind a livejournal cut.

If any images contain material that could be considered adult, please post a warning (NWS or NC17).

While Erotica and sensual art are more than welcomed, Hard core Pornography is most definitely not (if in doubt about content, please contact one of the maintainers.)

Absolutely No images of uderage characters in sexualised situations.

Never claim anyone elses work as your own.


A list of Freebie links may be found HERE.... This page is updated regularly so be sure to check it often.